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Y-STARThe Youngstown Foundation has crafted an innovative and exciting program designed to address critical academic and financial challenges.


Thought Leaders Pt 2To the Youngstown Foundation’s CASTLO Community Fund Chairman.

Thought Leaders: Jan Strasfeld, Part I

Thought Leaders Pt 1 They were thought leaders when these industrialists created The Youngstown Foundation, which leads by example.

Thought Leaders: Jan Strasfeld, Part II

Thought Leaders Pt 2The 98-year-old Youngstown Foundation stays true to its mission as the times – and funding needs – change.

he Youngstown Foundation is the largest and oldest community foundation in the area. This designation is due to the commitment donors, nonprofit agencies, professional advisors and local leaders have made to the Foundation and its future. We, as a community, must continue this legacy. Please join us.

The Youngstown Foundation announces YSTAR

With an initial commitment of $3M, The Youngstown Foundation has crafted an innovative program to address critical academic and financial challenges faced by Youngstown City Schools students as the consider post secondary education.

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The Youngstown Foundation

embraces Universal Design principles and is committed to furthering implementation throughout our community.

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