Support Fund Guidelines

  • To qualify to participate in the Support Fund, each donation must be for a minimum of $100.00.
  • The Youngstown Foundation will from time to time, in its sole discretion, designate as "Approved Charities" of the Support Fund such public charities as The Youngstown Foundation determines serve the Youngstown community in a manner consistent with and in furtherance of The Youngstown Foundation's charitable purposes.
  • A donor to the Support Fund may recommend to The Youngstown Foundation that all or part of the donor's contribution be used to support one or more Approved Charities, in such percentages as the donor may request in writing. All recommendations will be solely advisory in nature, and are not binding on The Youngstown Foundation, and The Youngstown Foundation will have sole discretion and control with respect to distributions from the Support Fund. All Support Fund contributions will be used by The Youngstown Foundation to support Approved Charities and not for other purposes; however, no particular Approved Charity shall have the right at any time to any portion of the Support Fund.
  • If and to the extend a donor's recommendation for distribution to an Approved Charity is ultimately approved by The Youngstown Foundation (an "Approved Distribution"), The Youngstown Foundation will make an additional distribution from the Unrestricted Fund to such Approved Charity equal to 10% of the Approved Distribution, subject to the following limitations: (a) an Additional Distribution will be made by The Youngstown Foundation only with respect to the first $5,000 of any Approved Distribution, and (b) the maximum Additional Distribution(s) i.e., 10% add-on for any Approved Charity that will be made by The Youngstown Foundation in any given year is $5,000.
  • Any written/printed description and/or promotion of the Support Fund (e.g., regarding Approved Distributions and Additional Distributions) must be consistent with the above guidelines and be approved by The Youngstown Foundation prior to its printing and distribution to ensure accuracy of the information.
  • An Approved Charity may not contribute to the Support Fund to support another Approved Charity.
  • The Youngstown Foundation retains the power to modify any restriction or condition on the distribution of restricted funds if in its sole judgment such restrictions or conditions become unnecessary, incapable of fulfillment or inconsistent with the charitable needs of the community.
  • Donor recommendations will be reviewed and considered by The Youngstown Foundation upon receipt and approved distributions (and any applicable additional distributions) will be made by The Youngstown Foundation as soon as practicable following approval of such distributions.