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Funda Overview

The Funds within The Youngstown Foundation are as varied as the donors who establish them; however, what each donor has in common is a deep-seated belief in the value of philanthropy and strengthening our community.

Listed below are major unrestricted, restricted and supporting funds that represent the core of The Youngstown Foundation and are a main source of the Foundation's grants that support local nonprofit programs.
  • David T. Arrell Fund
  • J. Fearnley Bonnell & Alice Peck Bonnell Fund
  • James L. Campbell Fund
  • William and Lois Fink Memorial Fund
  • Garlick Memorial Fund
  • Mahoning Valley Sports Charities Fund
  • Harry D. Rhodehouse Fund
  • Carl W. Ullman Fund
  • Lucretia K. Baldwin Fund
  • E. Perry and Grace Beatty Memorial Fund
  • The Berlin Fund
  • Leon A. Beeghly Fund
  • Burger Family Scholarship Fund
  • The CASTLO Community Fund
  • Anne K. Christman Fund
  • Crittenton Fund
  • Caroline Bonnell Jones Fund
  • Hine Memorial Fund
  • Diane G. Keller Family Fund
  • William H. Kilcawley I, II Funds
  • Champ McGahagen Fund
  • Jamie Memorial Fund
  • Pearl I. Metz Fund
  • Joyce H. and Walter “Buzz” Pishkur Fund
  • Edson and Corrine Rudge Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Edgar B. and Freda L. Rumble Charitable Fund
  • Charles W. Schafer Charitable Fund
  • Lelia M. Sharp Fund
  • Arnold D. Stambaugh Fund
  • Earle E. Summers Fund
  • Paul J. and Marguerite K. Thomas Lecture Series Fund
  • Barbara H. Tinkham Fund
  • Miriam S. Ullman Fund
  • Mary Bianco Whalen, RN, Memorial Fund
  • Warren P. Williamson, Jr. Fund
  • Youngstown Free Kindergarten Fund
  • Edna B. and Thomas W. Zimmerman Family Memorial Fund
  • Michael Kusalaba Fund
  • Wilbert and Mildred Morrison Charitable Foundation
  • Flora C. Rose Trust
  • Jeff and Kimberly Simon Fund
  • Stephen Gyomber Fund
  • Ursuline Sisters HIV Ministry Fund
  • YSTAR Fund
  • YCSD Speech and Debate Fund
  • W. E. Bliss Fund
  • Monday Musical Club Fund
  • John & Sue Casale Family Fund
  • Rumble Family Charitable Trust
  • Slanina Family Fund
  • Jason and Leah Wilson Family Fund
  • Florence George Charitable Fund
  • Gina L. Lariccia Charitable Fund
  • William Sarich Fund
  • Support Fund
  • Crisis Assistance Fund
  • General/Unrestricted Fund
  • Rebecca & Wayne Tennant Fund
  • Alzheimer Network Fund
  • William and Louise Brenner Family Fund
  • Northeast Ohio Center for Discipleship Fund
  • Buddy Zeller Memorial Fund
  • Pleasant Grove–Valley Christian Student Assistance Fund
  • John M. MacIntosh Fund
  • Charles W. Darling Family Endowment Fund
  • Zoe Simon Charitable Fund
  • Zachary Simon Charitable Fund
  • William B. Owens Memorial Fund
  • Garry and Wanda Mrozek Family Charitable Fund
  • Jack & Nuggie DePizzo Charitable Fund
  • Judge William Rayen Fund
  • The Walnut Grove Legacy Fund

Elizabeth Hine Cates
Polio as a young child and a fractured hip suffered as an adult imbued Elizabeth Hine Cates with empathy for children with disabilities. Born in 1878, her family included attorneys and industrialists prominent in local history. Her father was an attorney instrumental in organizing the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company.
Mrs. Cates’ desire to provide assistance to disabled children combined with a tradition of giving instilled by her parents, led her to establish The Cecil Dwight and Elizabeth Woodruff Hine Memorial Fund in tribute to them. In her will, she directed that the income from her estate be used for “treatment of, care for and assistance to….” disabled children “in and around the City of Youngstown.” Since 1976, more than $40 million dollars has been invested in nonprofit agencies in the community who share this mission.
With priority placed on funding services for children with medically diagnosed disabilities who reside in Youngstown and its vicinity, the Hine Fund Sub-Committee of The Youngstown Foundation meets quarterly to review proposals.

The Youngstown Foundation is the catalyst that connects the promise of a donor today with the potential of the community tomorrow.

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