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Everyone Can Be a Philanthropist

Smiling ChildBeing a philanthropist is about giving back to the community and its people. This not only helps them but it also makes you feel good! The idea that only the wealthy can be philanthropists is outdated. With The Youngstown Foundation, anyone can give back regardless of income bracket.

If you’ve given to a charity or someone in need, you’re a philanthropist. If you’ve donated your time, skills, or no-longer-needed belongings, you’re a philanthropist. If you give from the heart, you’re a philanthropist.

If you...
  • Currently give to one or more charitable causes
  • Care deeply about the community
  • Are interested in creating a personal or family legacy in the community
  • Are considering the creation of a private foundation, but are concerned about cost and administrative complexity
  • Want to receive maximum tax benefit for your charitable contributions under federal law
  • Place a priority on sound financial management of contributions
  • Want personal involvement in charitable gifts
...The Youngstown Foundation is here to help you plan and enhance your role as a philanthropist!

Why Choose The Youngstown Foundation for Your Philanthropy?

With over 90 years of experience and deep roots throughout the Youngstown area, The Youngstown Foundation is the largest community foundation in the region and the best place to start when it comes to charitable giving. Donors have many choices for giving, and sometimes the options can be overwhelming. Hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses have chosen to invest their charitable gifts with The Youngstown Foundation because of our professional expertise, community knowledge, personal service, institutional stability, and efficient operations.

With assets totaling more than $100 million, the size of our holdings ensures efficiencies and economies of scale, while our community knowledge helps donors devise a highly personal giving strategy.

Reasons Donors Choose The Youngstown Foundation:

Local Organization:
With deep roots in the community, we help you accomplish your charitable goals with the personal service available only from a local organization.

Funds are established with one signed document. Our staff is happy to work with you and your financial advisor to ensure that your charitable goals and vision are being addressed. Once the fund is established, The Foundation handles all administrative, accounting, and legal services as well as ongoing grant management associated with charitable giving.

Tax Advantages:
As a public charity, donors receive maximum tax advantages under state and federal law.

We provide a wide variety of options to suit donors, from the assets we accept and the types of funds we offer to the range of community needs we address. Whatever your philanthropic goals, The Youngstown Foundation works with you to achieve them.

Our investment record reflects highly rated fund management through the Foundation’s trustee, balancing growth and risk to maximize long-term financial returns. The assets are pooled into a larger portfolio, enabling diversity of investments and a significant decrease in management fees.

Knowledge and Guidance:
Our professional staff represents broad expertise in philanthropy, understands the community’s needs, and is actively engaged in major issues. We connect you with powerful funding opportunities to fit your philanthropic goals while, also, ensuring that your interests and actions are in compliance with increasingly complex laws and regulations.

Name your fund and receive as much or as little grant-making recognition as you wish.

Through our collaborations with like-minded organizations in the Mahoning Valley, grants made possible by your gift can leverage additional dollars from outside sources, resulting in greater community impact.

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