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Types of Funds

The Youngstown Foundation administers dozens of individual charitable funds—each with a purpose that mirrors a donor’s or family’s particular philanthropic goals. There are many fund options to consider, and our staff will work with you to customize one that works best for you. Most of the charitable funds fall within the following categories:

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Unrestricted Fund

Unrestrcited Fund is the broadest option and allows donors, professional staff and community leaders to identify today’s most compelling issues and effective programs providing maximum assurance that grants remain relevant and responsive to the community’s ever-changing needs while benefiting this area far into the future. Donors can give to the community by creating their own unrestricted fund or by making individual gifts to the Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund.

Designated Fund

Designated Fund enables the donor to permanently support one or more specific charitable organizations or institutions in perpetuity. Should the designated organization—or the purpose of that organization cease to exist, the foundation will re-allocate the fund’s income to reflect the donor’s original wishes and intent.

Donor Advised Fund

Donor Advised Fund provides maximum flexibility and simplicity when giving to multiple charities. This option allows the donor to name a fund and recommend grants that support organizations, programs or projects. An initial gift establishes the fund, which can readily receive bequests. Donors can add to it at any time in any amount.

Field of Interest Fund

Field of Interest Fund allows the donor to focus on one or more areas of concern such as the arts, education, or health care, yet does not restrict grants to any one organization.

Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund is administered as designated by the donor.

Organization Endowment Fund

Organization Endowment Fund assists nonprofit organizations in asset management and eliminates administrative burdens and costs associated with holding their own endowment fund.

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